Friday, July 29, 2011

You Got Questions, I've Got Answers

Thanks to everyone who wrote in wanting to know something about me.  I enjoyed reading and answering all the questions, so without further delay, here are my responses:

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Q:  Have you ever run naked? How far did you go? Was it enjoyable?
A:  Yes, on my treadmill, but not too far.  Not particularly enjoyable as I recall, it was a little distracting.

Q:  Weren't you in that porn film?
A:  Yes, I was all over it.

Q:  Have you ever watched one of "your" films?
A:  Yes, multiple times.

Q:  What barnyard animal is staying at your house?
A:  A Turkey, and not just at, but inside at times.  Long story made short, he doesn't do well in 110º heat, and neither do I.

"Bak Bak Motherfuckers!"

Q:  What was your favorite OTHER sport?
A:  Favorite sport to watch is Pro Football.  Favorite sport to play is either soccer or baskeetball.

Q:  Who got to name the kids?
A:  My wife and I went through some names together, and came to mutual agreements on all 3, but as I recall, I had to convince her of 2 of our kids names.

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Q:  Do you really think you are too slow for Boston?
A:  Yes, I know I am, and the BAA lowering the qualifying times didn't help me, but thanks for your confidence in me.  I do have faith that I will qualify someday.

Q:  Who's the boss? You or the Mrs?
A:  I think we do an equal amount of bossing each other around, the only difference is the Mrs. ignores me more than vice versa.

Q:  Do you wish you had an "h" in your name?
A:  It is kinda a pain having to clarify at times my non-common spelling, but at 3 letters instead of 4, it's 25% faster to write.

Q:  How handsome in real life is Jim 50 after 40?
A:  Jim graciously sent in a reply which I'll repost for those who missed it.
Jim: Let me handle this one for you Jon ... CK - I'm not sure words can describe the pure animal magnetism and deep manly musk that this gentleman exudes. He bowls overhand. Dead sexy indeed.

Well said Jim.  I've got one more thing to add.  Jim went down to "The Virgin Islands", now they just call them "The Islands".

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Q:  Was it difficult going through life with your name or did it help get you chicks?
A:  Not too difficult, I can't really say that it's helped me get laid girls though.  I mean, I never went up to one and said, "Hi, I'm Jon Holmes.  Does that name ring a bell?"  Although, looking back, that might not have been a bad strategy.  If they knew my name then that could've been a sign I was trying to penetrate the right market so to speak.

Q:  Do you have any other major running goals (outside of Boston)?
A:  I haven't really mentioned it on my blog, but I want to run a marathon in all 50 states.

My PhotoJim ... 50after40:
(I can appreciate his knowledgeable and thoughtful questions about Wichita)

Q:  Do you wish you had more hills in Wichita to train on?
A:  Yes, this place is as flat as Kate Hudson.

Q:  Have you ever described yourself as a "Shocker"?
A:  Yes, I am a proud Shocker!

Q:  Will Wichita's airline industry ever come back to full strength?
A:  I think it will recover, but some of the jobs are going overseas, and like everything else, the economy has to improve first.

Q:  Do you ever go watch the Wingnuts?
A:  For most of you, the Wingnuts is Wichita's baseball team.  The Wingnuts have only been here a couple seasons, and I haven't seen them play in person.  For one, I'm not a big baseball fan, second they aren't even a minor league farm club.  Wichita used to have minor league farm clubs here.  I'll probably end up going as part of a social outing.

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Q:  Do you think that barefoot running / minimalist running is just a fad and that it'll go away? Would you ever run barefoot?
A:  I don't see it staying as popular as it is right now, but a lot of people swear by minimalist running, and I think there will always be a market out there for it.  I'm too scared of stepping on something sharp to run barefoot, but I've been wanting to try a minimalist shoe like the Vibram 5 finger.

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Q:  What's next after Pikes Peak?
A:  It will be about time for a fall marathon, but probably just the one in my hometown.  My travel budget is shot for the year.

Q:  Do you think Pikes Peak is going to be the most rewarding race you've ever done?
A:  I actually think it might.  There are more factors/challenges at play than a normal marathon.  The greater the challenge, the greater the reward.

Q:  Do you think you'll reach a point where racing won't hold the same value to you as it does right now?
A:  Good question.  I'm sure one day that will happen, but it will probably take old age or debilitating injury to do it.

Q:  What's your blog name going to be when you make it to Boston?
A:  I really like my blog name.  I'm not sure I'll want to part with it.  Now the way Boston is set up, I might qualify, but never get in cause the faster times get priority, hence, I will still be 2 Slow 4 Boston on a technicality.

Q:  When you qualify for Boston, will you actually GO to Boston to run?
A:  Yes, it will be a priority to travel there and run and experience it.

Q:  Finally, will you wait for my sorry butt at the top of PP?
A:  I would like to do nothing more, however I doubt I'll be in charge that day.  My family will have already been waiting for me for 4 hours by the time I make it to the top, and the PP website says we should get off the mountain as quickly as possible for both congestion and health reasons.

My PhotoFair Weather Runner:
Q:  Who is your FAVORITE Wichita runner?
A:  That's a loaded question.  I know Hannah reads my blog on occasion, not to mention a few others, so it would be unfair to single someone out.  Maybe if you and Hannah were to get in a ring and mud wrestle while I ref, I could come to a conclusion.

My PhotoNelly:
Q:  How did you meet Mrs. 2Slow?
A:  I met her on an internet dating site.  Back in 1997, that was kind of a new way to do it.

Q:  What is your strength routine?
A:  Lift as much weight as I can.  Actually, I don't really have a set routine, but I do try and hit the weights about 5 days/week while at the gym.  My main exercises include lunges with dumbbells, leg extensions, ab crunches, and back extensions.  I do several sets of each while increasing the weight for each set.

Q:  Have you had any other injuries besides runners knee?
A:  I got a couple discs out of alignment in my lower back, so I spend a lot of time lifting and stretching trying to prevent it from bothering me.  Also, several years ago, I was tapering for a marathon when I came down with a kidney stone.  I had minor surgery 2 weeks prior to the race, but still ran a pretty good time.

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Q:  When is your BQ?
A:  I wish I knew.


Pikes Peak Training Week
7/2553 x 1mi intervals 7:00 pace
7/263Treadmill 12% incline 13:20 pace
7/2786 miles on track @ 8:45, 2 miles 11% incline @ 13:20 pace
7/2885 miles on track @ 7:45, 3 miles 11% incline @ 13:20 pace
7/2949 min/mi on track, 1 mile on 12% incline @ 15:00 pace
7/3020penciled in for 20 road run tomorrow morning


misszippy said...

Wow--see what happens when you name a blog after Boston? Not much else in the way of questions! I have confidence you'll get there!

Being Robinson said...

while i'm not a fan of your answer, fair enough. although i'll probably punch you in the face next time i see you, maybe that will secure my spot as your favorite wichita runner? i will not mud wrestle. perhaps we can come up with a compromise because i'm competitive (as you well know) and my favorite is being a favorite...


GO SHOCKS! i always define myself as a shocker, BOOYAHHHH!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Ouch, FWR. I was only kidding. Why would you wish harm on a poor, harmless, soon to be masters runner like myself?

Coy Martinez said...

Nice! I can't wait for you to qualify! It's sooo gonna happen!

The Slow One said...

I loved "Bak, Bak, Motherfuckers!"

Jim ... 50after40 said...

"I'll probably punch you in the face?????" What are you doing to these gals in Wichita? Please, you'll qualify!

A-Pi (Peter) said...

I'm aiming to do a BQ in Calgary at the end of May next year, come on up! No heat problems guaranteed!

Anonymous said...

These are all great! I think you, Chris K. and Jim, 50 After 40 had a bit too much fun on this one!
In answer to your question, I sometimes really hate putting my #'s down on my blog, because I think people would either go, Bitch or Loser... But they were 6:30/3:04/6:21/3:02/6:18/3:01 I thought I was going to see the 2's on the last one, but no such luck. Maybe next time! :)

Coy Martinez said...

Hey!! Got your post about going to Philly! I don't actually live there although I travel there quite often. The reason I named my blog "First In Philly" was because it was where I ran my first ever half marathon AND FULL! With that said, each time I've visited I've driven up and stayed in the historic district. I don't think I've ever been out by the airport.

Now, as far as that Cowboys shirt goes, I might wear that inside out. I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan and although I'm a couple states away, my fan friends are known to be ruthless gangsters. We like our players to be ghetto :) HAHAHAHAHA! That sounded so wrong.