Saturday, July 23, 2011

Q & A. It's My Turn

My friend Nelly (The Shoutout King) handed this baton to me, so now it's my turn to step up to the plate and field some questions.  As this 2 week old tradition goes, no question is off limits.  If you can think it, I can answer it.  Ask me a funny question, maybe I can give a funny (yet truthful) answer.

Do you want to know:
  • What barnyard animal has been staying in our house?
  • How I met Mrs. 2Slow?
  • Have I ever ran naked?
  • How many miles I've logged in a year/lifetime?
  • What is my homeopathic cure for sinus infections?

In the meantime, and possible question material, here's my latest Pikes Peak training log:

Pikes Peak Training Log
7/1854 miles of 3 - 12% incline, variable pace
7/1953 of the miles ranged from 3 - 12% incline
7/2073 mile warm-up, last 4 miles @ 10% incline, 13:20 pace
7/2110flat, 8 min/mi
7/224flat, 9 min/mi recovery run
7/23144 mi warm-up, 10 miles @ 11% incline, 13:20 pace

Normally 45 miles/week would barely make the grade for me.  However, I have to keep telling myself that most of those miles were done on a slope of over 10%, and running 4.5 mph just doesn't add up as fast as running 7 or 8 mph.  The 14 miler took me 3 hours to do, and has given my a bit of confidence for PP as my taper time is nearing.


XLMIC said...

Have you ever run naked? How far did you go? Was it enjoyable?

Weren't you in that porn film?

Have you ever watched one of "your" films?

What barnyard animal is staying at your house? Do you know that story about the rabbi and all the farm animals?

What was your favorite OTHER sport?

Who got to name the kids?

Chris K said...

Do you really think you are too slow for Boston? I definitely do not.

Who's the boss? You or the Mrs?

Do you wish you had an "h" in your name?

How handsome in real life is Jim 50 after 40?

Michael said...

Was it difficult going through life with your name or did it help get you chicks?

Do you have any other major running goals (outside of Boston)?

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Let me handle this one for you Jon ... CK - I'm not sure words can describe the pure animal magnetism and deep manly musk that this gentleman exudes. He bowls overhand. Dead sexy indeed.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Almost forgot the questions:
1. Do you wish you had more hills in Wichita to train on?

2. Have you ever described yourself as a "Shocker"?

3. Will Wichita's airline industry ever come back to full strength?

4. Do you ever go watch the Wingnuts?

Mark said...

Wow. Running at for hours on a treadmill at a massive incline sounds so unappealing.

My question: Did you crap yourself during that long run?

Coy Martinez said...

Do you think that barefoot running / minimalist running is just a fad and that it'll go away? Would you ever run barefoot?

Jill said...

What's next after Pikes Peak?

Do you think Pikes Peak is going to tbe the most rewarding race you've ever done?

Do you think you'll reach a point where racing won't hold the same value to you as it does right now?

What's your blog name going to be when you make it to Boston?

When you qualify for Boston, will you actualy GO to Boston to run? (some people just like the qualifying part, not the 2nd mortgage part of actually attending).

Finally, will you wait for my sorry butt at the top of PP? :)

Heading up Mt. Whitney tomorrow...I'll know more about PP in a few days!

Being Robinson said...

so i didn't go to j&l last week either, bummer. but i'll see you there next month! or maybe you'll be at PP then? not sure.

i can think of NOTHING right now to ask, maybe i just know too much about jon holmes already. oh here we go, who is your FAVORITE wichita runner.... hmmmmm???? blink blink...SMILEY FACE!

Nelly said...

I figure might as well grab one question from your post - How did you meet Mrs. 2Slow?

What is your strength routine?

Have you had any other injuries besides runners knee?

Jill asked pretty much every other question that I had - I think you will make Boston sometime =)

Peter said...

When is your BQ?