Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Quarterly Report, Not That I Can Be Described In 3 Months

This has been one of my worst years as a runner. I wasn't able to run the first two months of the year (hip flexor), then I spent another month on the disabled list around August (shin).  In between, I've been trying to get back to a semblance of the runner I was last year.  I think those circumstances (subconsciously) led my posts to be more "public service announcement" in nature (ie. Coaching, Stress Reactions, Food).  Well, lucky you, now you get to read about some of my running exploits which have little to no bearing on your well being.

Periosteal Reaction
A couple posts ago I mentioned my right shin suffered a stress reaction (periosteal reaction).  The doctor told me to stop running for two weeks.  The update on that is, 2 weeks turned into a month.  It was probably prolonged because I kept cross training, but I tried to be careful and now the injury appears to be in my rear view mirror.  If the reaction had turned into a fracture, I would have been sidelined a minimum of 8 weeks.

Five minute mile on the AlterG.
While rehabbing my shin, I employed my coach's AlterG treadmill two to three times per week.  I set my body weight for 70% and I was able to run pain free.  I even did a couple 20 mile long runs on the AlterG.  To try and make up for my lighter weight, I set it for faster speeds than normal and got my heart rate into the Lactate Threshold zone.  I probably paid for half of my coach's mortgage payment that month.

I bring joy to some when
they see me coming.
I bring joy to others when
they see me going.
I've got plenty of dri-fit shirts to run in, but a lot of them are a solid color with no logos or "flair".  I like to express myself a little when I'm out running, and plain shirts just aren't cutting it. I decided awhile ago that I wanted a shirt for my blog, and so it was just a matter of time before I got around to designing a Limited Edition, 2 Slow 4 Boston shirt, and finding a company to make it.  I spent a lot of time trying to get the graphics right for the printer, and I'm pretty happy with the results.

Can I say I ordered shirts in
 three different colors if those
 colors are Black, White, and Grey?
The answer is not black and white.

Club logo used with
permission from me :-)

Last month I was elected President of the local running club sporting about 300 members. Most runners in the area use our club's website for the race calender and race results.  I think when it came time for presidential nominees to step forward, everyone else on the council took two steps back, leaving me unchallenged (and unsuspecting).  I'm tempted to embed a "Hail To The Chief" mp3 in my blog for your listening enjoyment, but I'll spare you, for now. This will probably be one of those jobs with all the responsibilities and none of the power or appreciation to go along with it.

My first marathon since last December, the Wichita Prairie Fire marathon, is now less than 2 weeks away. While dealing with my shin, I was only able to run 53 non-AlterG miles in the month of August. Come September, I felt out of shape. But then I ran a 55 mile week pain free followed by a 58 mile week, including my first non-AlterG-aided 20 mile long run of the year. My latest long run was 18 miles with a pace that equaled my marathon PR. I'm still not in as good of (marathon) shape as last year, but now I have some confidence and potential for a good race.

Surprisingly, I haven't talked about or promoted the Running Blog Database at all since I created it earlier in the year. Now it's time to mention it again. Most of my readers might not even notice it's tab sitting innocuously in 2nd place on my home page, or the big blue logo on my sidebar. Over the Summer I redid the RBD color scheme, and tried to make the layout a little more appealing. Every week another blogger or two adds their blog to the RBD.  It now contains about 749 blogs. Last month the Database page had over 150 views with a lot of those coming from other blogs who displayed the logo in their sidebar and linked to it. Thanks to all my blogging buddies who are helping to send traffic this way. Please check out the RBD if you haven't visited in awhile, make sure your blog is in there and up-to-date, and please consider linking to it on your sidebar if you're looking to add some "flair" (Office Space style) while promoting other Running Blogs to the general community.


misszippy said...

Sorry this has been such a tough year! That was mine last year and I can tell you--next year can only be better! Glad you got to run on the AlterG. What a great rehab tool!

Coy Martinez said...

I would love to be able to run on an Alter G! I don't think there's one in the state of KY. After all, we're famous for drinking MT. Dew and not doing shit. Well, not me of course but a large bit of my small town anyway. HA!

I'm anxious to hear how your marathon goes! This is the one thing I love about fall! MARATHONS!

Anonymous said...

I understand your frustrations all too well...I am finally almost back to normal...pelvic stress fracture is all but healed and I will be running again in November. That AlerG looks awesome. Love the new shirt you designed...very colorful...especially love the black one...blessings

Michael said...

So how does one "update" a blog that is on the list, so that email information and updated pictures can be displayed..?

ajh said...

I love your shirt. And here's to hoping 2013 is a better one.

Char said...

Some years are just like that - blah!! But the real runner persists and seeing as you're still at it, I feel justified in dubbing you a real runner.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Hey Jon - sucks about this year, I've been following and it seemed like you'd gone through a lot. If you email me I'll give you my phone and we can try to get together or lunch or dinner next weekend. We have a few family and friends coming down to watch the race, so I'm not sure what the schedule will be like, but it would be great to see you guys again.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are on the mend, good luck to you!

Jill said... much to digest! I've been thinking about you and wondering how your training's going with your marathon. Looks like it's a hell of a lot better than my longest 9-mile run. That's a good thing!

Yeah, 2012 didn't exactly pan out as I had hoped either...thank god there's 2013. Time for you to make some big plans - being prez and all of the running club. I bet there are tons of inspirational stories to be shared in that group and hopefully you'll find something really cool to do.

Will check out the database and give you my feedback when I get back from Chi-town. Thanks for keeping that thriving!

Thinking of you and hope you have an amazing marathon. :)

Robin said...

So sorry about the tough year! Hopefully you are about to turn a great corner though!

Terzah said...

Hey Jon! My year has been a bit like that, too. Must just be some bad juju...I'm hoping that I'm coming out of it too. Your marathon is a week before my half in Detroit (and my marathon is in December).

I'm excited for you! I bet you will exceed your expectations. Those Alter-G runs are real training, make no mistake.

I should get one of your shirts, too, as the description fits me as much as it does you. :^)

Good luck at Prairie Fire! Can't wait to read the report.

On the Right Track said...

I want one of those it!!! congrats on your new presidential election...I would vote for you if it means anything... and as always...good Luck at your next race...I sure hope your injuries, aches and pains hold out for you on your next marathon!

Teamarcia said...

Blah bad juju going around this year for sure! Envious of your Alter G usage though. Very cool. All the best with your upcoming marathon!

Nelly said...

Bummer that you got a pre-stress fracture, but that is awesome that you got to run on a alter G! I've always wanted to try one of those. Shows that simply losing weight is a good way to get set a PR lol

Nice shirt that you made!

Glad that your mileage seemed to go up again, sounds like solid training weeks.

Good luck at the Prairie Fire marathon, Jim of 50 after 40 is doing that one too!

The 49ers trounced the Bills this week, that makes 2 blowouts the last 2 weeks - things are looking better for them.

I think you've a Cowboys fan, that team seems to be all over the place. Romo's receivers didn't help him at all last week with all the interceptions, I think 3 of them were their faults.

Unknown said...

I'll definitely check out the Data Base right now and I'm happy you're on the mend!

Suz and Allan said...

Sorry it's been such a rough year for you but congratulations on being elected president of your local running club.

Julie D said...

Ouch, sounds like a tough year!! Good luck in your upcoming marathon!!

Love the shirt, too... I should wear one of those!!

Jill said...

Good luck this weekend, Jon!!! Will be thinking of you and cheering from Denver! :)

Nelly said...

Good luck at the race!