Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting Back Down To Business

Well, it took about a week and a half after the marathon for my legs to finally start feeling normal when I ran.  Last weekend I went for a 13 mile long run as I build back up to doing 20 milers.  Afterwards, I took the family out to lunch at a local burger joint.  We sat by the kitchen where a couple guys were sweating over the grill trying to keep up with demand. 

Out of the blue, my wife Lora says to me, "You know what I really like?  Watching a guy in the kitchen, cooking."  That, by the way, was a little lighthearted dig at me for not doing more meal preparation around the house. 

I thought, two can play at that game.  So I said, "You know what I really like?  A woman who knows her place, and gets the laundry done on time."  That was probably the best comeback I could come up with on the spot, but it was at least true that she hates doing laundry and had been putting if off. 

I think a few other little meaningless things were said before she was all like, "Why do you always have to be right?"  So I was all like, "Well how do you think it makes me feel knowing that my wife is always wrong?"

It was kinda quiet at the lunch table after that which I didn't mind cause usually my wife talks a lot and it gives me a headache.  At least, that's how I remember the conversation, and if it's on the internet, it must be verbatim.  OK, I better stop there since she reads my blog, and if I keep going, she will probably cease to see the humor in my highbrow writing skills.

My lovely wife, Lora, who might be regretting about now
asking me to mention her more in my blog.

That story was a bit out of place for my running blog, but worth telling I think.  Now back to my regularly scheduled, and overly analytical post.

I have never done more than 2 marathons in a calender year before, but thanks to the previous marathon leaving a bad taste in my mouth, I have signed up for a third.   I just registered for the Dallas White Rock Marathon on December 4th.  Anyone know someone who's running it too?  Any bloggers?

This also means I haven't done 2 marathons this close together before now.  Not that it's a big deal, but by the time I get back to running 70 - 80 miles/week, it will be about time to start tapering again, and I do want to race it with a PR in mind.

Here are my workouts from the last 7 days as I prepare to run another 26.2 in a little over a month:

5 miles @ 8:30 avg.
13 miles @ 8:12 avg.
10 tempo miles @ 7:54 avg.;  10.15 miles on stationary bike in 30 minutes.
7 miles recovery @ 9:00
12 miles @ 8:30 avg.
12 Lactate Threshold miles @ 7:18 avg.;  6.85 miles on stationary bike in 20 minutes.

Total running miles = 59
Total biking miles = 17

Next week I'll start back in on intervals for the first time since the marathon.  Hope everyone is running some good races this fall.


Indi said...

too funny!! totally sounds like a conversation my hubby and I would have!

Great miles!! Good Luck as you prep for anther 26.2!

Christi said...

Good luck with your training!

Nelly said...

Lol you both are hilarious! I think you found a perfect match in Lora!

Your 2 marathon plan sounds good to me!

Nelly said...

Oh, and about my friends poker story, I might not have told the story completely right, I think my friend turned over his cards after the other guy showed him his cards, since he figured the hand was over.

And I appreciate your comment a while back about you caring about my PRs.

Jill said...

Hi Lora!!! :)

I am happy to see you running DWR, I think it's going to pan out well for you...another marathon before you have to "start over" next season. I did that in 2009 and it worked out well. I've done DWR 3 times so email me if you have any specific questions, but it's a nice course. A bit windy around the lake but really only one hill - around mile 19 I think. It lasts longer than it looks, but it's not overwhelming as they make it out to be. Besides, I think Hooters has a rocking aid station there (Lora will be happy to hear that) and they are screaming their lungs out as you pass by, which helps ramp up the endoprhins. Wish I were going this year, I have dear friends who always go out on the course for me so it's a pretty special marathon for me. Just can't swing it this year.

Paul said...

Oh dude, you are so playing with fire.

Perhaps buying some flowers when you are done shopping for some food that you are going to prepare for dinner that night is just the fix!


Char said...

So surprised that you didn't get a smack around the ears at the end of that conversation. Your wife is a woman of restraint.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Okay, forgive me for being so behind on here. I'm officially adding you to my blog roll...not sure why you were not on there. This answers my question about paces kind of. What plan are you using? Your own? I need to catch up. Your training looks great. And so does your wife. :)