Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Kind Of Injury

My pinky toe is missing some of it's skin.
January has been my peak month of mileage for the upcoming Austin Marathon next month.  All in all, I've done pretty good with the training, but my body has fought back a bit.  Not that any injury is good, but if I had to be injured, the 2 that have occured to me this month haven't stopped me from getting in the mileage.  First came what I'll call my ironic boo boo.  As in, I put a new type of band aid on my ring toe, and the band aid turned out to be course enough to act like sandpaper rubbing my pinky toe skin raw during a 10 mile run.  I took a wonderful pic of it.  Please, no need to comment on how I should've been a foot model, psych.  How ironic is it that a band aid caused me to need another band aid to protect and heal the damage done by the first one.  My second little ailment came out of the blue in the form of lipoma.  What is a lipoma you ask?  As my doctor put it, for my particular case, it occured when some fat tissue in the side of my left leg was rubbed and irritated to the point of inflamation by my IT band.  However, while it is sensitive to the touch, it doesn't bother me while running.  My plan of attack is to ice it, stretch the IT band, and give it a chance to heal itself.  Like I said, if something had to go wrong, at least I'm still able to run.

This bridge was kinda cool to run across at night.

On to more positive news...  Last week I joined a group of local runners for an adventure through downtown Wichita.  This nighttime 4 miler had all kinds of action:  Running through stop lights, traversing black ice, avoiding obsticles in the dark, trying not to get tripped up by other runners or their dogs, etc.  Afterwards, we met back up at the bar where we started, for dinner and drinks.  As long as I've been a runner, I've never really been on a group run before, races don't count, mainly because I live in the boonies, or because not many groups run at 5 in the morning like I do.  I approached group run as a light recovery workout where my main goal was to get to know the other runners (wonder if they were thinking "wish this guy would quit talking so I can focus").  It was a fun group with people from all runs walks of life including wicked cool bloggers Fair Weather Runner and Hannah from More Than a Marathon.

I met Hannah for the first time.

Here are my weekly stats:

1/24/2011 Weekly Mileage
Mon.107.9 min/mi
Tue.118.1 min/mi
Wed.148.0 min/mi
Thur.88.4 min/mi
Fri.58.5 min/mi
Sat.208.0 min/mi on treadmill

Maybe I should run one mile today, 69 would be a nice way to finish off the week!


Christi said...

Great job on the week and you are right those injuries though annoying are the better kind to have if you must have one! Heal quickly!

Chris K said...

Great week! I don't think I've ever run more than 65. Twice a week I run at night, but I have a nifty runners headlamp.

Mark said...

That is some crazy high mileage, man. Looks like you're going to blow this marathon up!

Tortuga_Runner said...

Wow, high mileage. I am with Chris K with the nifty headlamp, time to invest even if it is only for 4 miles. Shoot, it gets dark so early I keep my headlamp in my purse. With all the high mileage and only a little blister, you are going to rock Austin injury free.

Anonymous said...

Yummy toe. That's some serious mileage! Your group run looks beautiful. I'm with you, I'm always wondering if I blabbed too much to everyone that they'll be running away from me on future runs! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great week! And yes from a barefoot runner(on hiatus), you've got straight perfect toes!!

Jill said...

That's great about the local running club...and you got to meet fellow bloggers already - how cool!! You will have a blast with the club!

Excellent week, hope this week is panning out well, too!

Caroline said...

Hi there thanks so much for your comment today. Hope the toe is better..aouch

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

It looks like you're missing a TON of skin. Ouch. Stupid bandaid.

I'm not thinking about making a shirt that says "I can outrun a chicken. Eventually."

Hannah said... am I just seeing this?!

I just about spit out my water with your 69 comment. Only you...but it is expected, so no worries. :)

See you this month at J&L?

The Slow One said...

It's nice to meet you! Yes, we have good taste in blog templates and fitness choices. :) That stinks about your toe, and the photo looks quite painful. 69 was my race bib number once. I had a good time with that. :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I like your title! ha!

Great mileage and how awesome you met Hannah--I follow her too!

Unknown said...

Blech, blech on the toe...pretty nasty. I've given up wearing band aids, sometimes they are just more trouble than they are worth!
I'm happy to hear you ran with a group! We like to run on Monday nights with our group but we don't have any black ice to traverse, just lots of traffic and dark's all fun if I remember to wear my head lamp. If not, don't run too close to me. I've tripped over dogs before!
Keep up the grea mileage!

ShortSkirts said...

Wow 5am is so hardcore. I think if I had to run that early there would be problems.

And ouch for the blister, the worse ones i've ever gotten were during a 2 day ultimate tournament in hawaii. It was hot and humid, and i should have probably changed my socks but didn't so the skin in between my pinky toe and the adjacent toe rubbed right off since my feet swelled.

The Boring Runner said...

wait wait wait... TWENTY on a treadmill??? Jeeeeeeeeze