Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 in Review

I might be one of the last bloggers to write a recap of 2010.  Partly because I chose to write a race report at the beginning of the year, and partially because I've been spending my blogging time reading other blogs instead.

Let's start off with a list of the races I competed in 2010:
Wichita Frosty 5K - 21:15
Saint Louis Marathon - 3:55:05
Wichita YMCA Rock N Run 8k - 0:37:52
Valley Center 5K - 20:54
Wichita Prairie Fire Marathon - 3:35:49
Wichita Turkey Trot 10M - 1:12:55
Wichita Jingle Bell Run 4M - 0:28:46

Running St. Louis Marathon

The first half of the year wasn't too noteworthy,  my running times had been plateaued for all of 2009, and the start of 2010 was more of the same.   I did travel to Saint Louis for my only out-of-state race of the year to run their marathon on April 11th.  Also, I struggled with fatigue as I started running 60 to 70 mile weeks, up from 40 to 50 mile weeks.  The increase in mileage didn't really help my time in that marathon as I clocked a 3:55:05, one minute faster than my previous 26.2. 

Running Wichita Prairie Fire Marathon

However , the base I gained from training for St. Louis really helped me later that Summer, as I was able to quicken my pace while still maintaining 60 to 70 mile weeks.  Now that my body was able to handle that load,  I added some time on the elliptical machine to my routine.  The result was a 3:35:49 at the Wichita Prairie Fire Marathon on 10/10/10 (a 20 minute improvement over St. Louis and a PR by 10 minutes) .

Skipping back to May, I pulled my right hammy 5 days before a 10k I had already registered for.  It wasn't a bad pull, but I had to wait to run lightly on it for over a week.  Guess I should have known better than to run intervals 2 days after an intense 7 mile tempo run, just like I should have known better than to wear my Dallas Cowboys jersey in Philadelphia.  Luckily it was my only set back of the year.

My glass statue trophy from
 2nd place finish in Valley Center 5k

Besides the Prairie Fire Marathon, I had a string of PRs in the second half of 2010.  First came my 5k PR in 20:54.  Not only did I PR and take 1st in my age group, but I took 2nd place overall never mind that there were only about 50 people running\walking it.  I guess all the fast runners decided to run in this other little 10,000 participant event called the "Susan G. Koman Race For The Cure" that day.  Anyway, the guy that took 1st even let me lead for about 2 miles before he smoked me.  The trophy was awesome.  I think it could double as a piece of art.  On to November, I set a 10 mile PR of 1:12:55 that had my lungs feeling ready to retire.  Finally, a 4 mile PR with a 3rd place age group finish in 28:46 to complete the year.

I started this blog a day before my marathon in October.  A running blog wasn't even on my radar before September, but then I read an acquaintance's writing on Facebook, and I thought to myself I have lots of stories to tell and things to write about.  Not to mention, I wanted to connect with people as passionate about running as me.  Still, I thought about it for a week, and ran the idea by my wife and a couple friends before deciding I could make a commitment to blog.

Now to bring you some 2010 stats as only an engineer with a spreadsheet can:  My year end running totals no pun intended include 1337.5 miles on an indoor track,  536 miles on a treadmill, and 411.5 miles outdoors. Added up, that's 2,285 miles. I also logged 2,179 minutes on the Elliptical machine.   This marks my first year over 2,000 miles, or a 16% increase in mileage from 2009.  It would make sense that I set a record month for mileage too, tallying up 272 of them in the month of March.

I know not all years will be as rewarding or overachieving as 2010 has been for me, but I'm carrying some momentum with me into 2011, and who knows, maybe a BQ isn't too far off.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice season, 2011 will be even better

Hannah said...

Wow! Very nice on the mileage! Way to go!

Here's to an awesome 2011!

Chris K said...

3:35 is impressive. I agree with your last sentence based on that time.

Christi said...

Great year!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Awesome year! All that mileage plus the elip, that's impressive. Great work!

Indi said...

that looks like a pretty great year!! Cheers to an ever better and BQ'ing 2011!!

Anonymous said...

Super 2010! Not only do you have momentum, you have determination. Good work.

Lacy said...

I ran the VC 5K back in 2006 and then they took a few years off. I always told myself I'd go back because I wanted one of those trophies :)
What a year :)
Oh and I've been meaning to tell you.... As I was watching commercials this week I saw the Jimmy Dean Breakfast one (With "The Sun"). You totally look like "The Sun!" :)

ajh said...

Big improvement in your marathon time! And tons of miles! Awesome job!

Jill said...

I SO need to learn how to use a spreadsheet and get cool stats like that.

Excellent 2nd half to the year with all those amazing PR's! The added mileage certainly helped your base when you started adding speed to I love how that all comes together like it's suppose to. Can't wait to see what 2011 holld for you...I'm sure it's going to be spectacular!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Dude, those are some speedy times!! I see Boston in your cards, for sure!!! I know what you mean about the PR's and seeing improvment in 2011! But I think there is always room for a new distance and new PRs!! You do have great momentum running into 2011! Keep it going!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

HA HA!!!! Your comment cracked me up, seriously! Not sure I would introduce THAT to the world! My mom reads my blog, for crying out loud!!! But, I am an OKIE girl and you're a Kansas dude, so you know how it is! =) Thanks for stopping by!

Andrew Opala said...

I'm salivating at your 5k times!