Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Not too much time to blog with Christmas festivities upon us, however this will be my last/best opportunity to post for the year, so here it goes...

My last entry talked about the massage I won in a drawing from the Jingle Bell Run.  Well, I'm happy to report I got my rub down a couple days ago and it was great.  Turns out the masseur instructs massage at a local college, and he gave out 2 massages from the drawing.  His rates are pretty reasonable, so I might be seeing him again.  The only interesting thing I might add about the experience is that this was the first time I  decided strip down butt ass naked (for a massage) mainly so that I could get some quality work done on my glutes.

Back to my running.  I signed up for the local "Frosty 5k" on New Years Day, so my next blog entry will be the race report.  However, my main focus has been increasing my mileage base so that I can have a quality month of marathon training for January.  Here are my stats for the last 7 days:

12/18/2010 Weekly Mileage
Sat.178.5 min/mi on treadmill
Mon.107 - 1 mile intervals
Tue.118.4 min/mi
Wed.118.25 min/mi
Thur.48.4 min/mi
Fri.198 min/mi on treadmill

My final piece of running news:  I'm looking forward to the next week.  I'll be heading South to Houston for a few days, so I should get to run in some nice 70 degree weather.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.


Jill said...

Awww, look at that beautiful family :).

You have some wicked high miles, wow, great job!!!! Also, I used a massage therapist once every few weeks when my mileage got really high like that and I swear it made a world of difference to keep me on the road healthy! So maybe you can swing a few here and there.

Have a nice time in Houston - and a VERY Merry Chrismtas and Happy New Year to you!!

Being Robinson said...

hope you had a merry christmas and enjoy your vacation! i'll be at the frosty 5k, i think. not sure i'll run, but i'll likely be there. love the family picture, so precious.

have meant to tell you, my friends and i have a little running 'club,' joggers and lagers. we meet at the anchor, run about 4 miles, and go back for dinner/drinks. it's a fun group of runners. we have a facebook page too, if you're on FB you can check it out!

Chris K said...

19 on the treadmill at @8:00 pace. You are officially my hero. You WILL BQ will that level of focus and dedication.

Chris K said...

I mean "with" not "will"

Julie said...

You have such a gorgeous family:)

Holy cow.....19 miles on the mill!?! I know that I could never do that! Nice work!

Happy New Year:)