Friday, December 10, 2010

I Won Something!

Wow!  I won something by running, but it wasn't from crossing a finish line before anybody else.  Remember that Jingle Bell Run I just blogged about?  Well, I didn't really mention the nice 10 minute massage I got afterward at the finish area.  But last night I got a call from the masseuse who did the masseusing telling me I won a hour and a half full body massage from the drawing I entered.

I've won drawings before, but I didn't even take this guy's company card thinking I wasn't going to win, but that he would most likely spam my email for the rest of my life.

So he told me I won, but to call him back when I figure out a time for the appointment.  One piece of background info:  He has odd hours of operation after 6pm weeknights, and on the weekends which adds to my skepticism that this is a 'too good to be true' prize (not really, but play along with me here).  This leaves me to ponder a few options about my recent luck.

  1. This is all legitimate, and I am a lucky SOB who gets an awesome free rub down.
  2. There were many 'winners' of the drawing, and in order to get my massage, I have to sit through a seminar/sales pitch like those for timeshare vacations.
  3. There is fine print, like I have to pay for the oils and creams, or commit to a pay massage in the future.
  4. The massage business is a front for a prostitution/escort service.
  5. Not that I'm a homophobe, but the male masseuse is gay, and he turns creepy and horny while I'm all but naked.

Any other crazy scenario I might be missing?  Did I hit the nail on the head or what?  Ha!  Now that my imagination is done running away from me, I'll be sure and post how it all turns out.


Johann said...

Well I know I would have imagined the same things for sure! Waiting for your feedback...

Chris K said...

I don't get massages by guys. I'm no homophobe either, but just don't. Nice to meet someone also trying to BQ. Good luck!

Andrew Opala said...

it's not that at all ... just don't think about being probed by alien abductors ... just don't

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Maybe he just works during the week?

Jill said...

I've had a few of those post-marathon massages and all those dudes are horny, beware!!! But congrats nonetheless!!