Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm Getting Schooled... Part 5 of 5 (Coaching Costs)

The first four parts of my coaching series dealt with services that I had to pay for.  I intentionally left out the payment details until now so that I could sum them all up together.  As I mentioned in Part 1, the potential costs were an issue I had to overcome.  Turns out, hiring a coach was cheaper than I thought it would be, not that I'm done whipping out my checkbook yet.  Here's how my expenditures break down:

Initial Consultation
  • Duration - 1 hour
  • Cost - $40

Lactate Threshold Test
  • Duration - Aprox. 40 minutes
  • Cost - $75

Stride Analysis
  • Duration - Part of a 1 hour training session
  • Cost - $40

AlterG Treadmill
  • Duration - 1 hour
  • Cost - $20/hour, better rates if multiple sessions are prepaid.

Custom 10k Training Plan
  • Duration - 5 week plan
  • Cost - $35

Since I didn't have to pay to try the AlterG, the total I've paid for services so far from my coach is $180.00 (including a $10 coupon).  Pretty reasonable wouldn't you say for all the help I've got?

Of course, rates will vary from coach to coach, region to region, and year to year, but I think posting these numbers will be helpful to others who are seriously considering hiring a coach like I did.

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Jill said...

That's really reasonable (cheap!), you wouldn't find that here in Colorado. Are you using the coach for a training program also? Or was it just for these tests?

NY Wolve said...

I missed the earlier parts of the series, but am catching up. I am really interested for many of same reasons you are -- would a coach "help" me? And what does that mean? Get faster? Less injury? And what exactly is he/she going to do? And how do I find one that does something other than say "good job, now go run"? The cost seems reasonable, and I hope you find it beneficial

brg said...

wow! I'm with Jill- the prices you are paying are very reasonable! I live in Boulder, CO and I believe lactate threshold tests (where they draw blood and such) is ~$150 - $200. Stride analysis ~$100 and Alter-G ~$60 per hour. The actual coaching part is extremely cheap too!

Meghan said...

Wow!! I thought you paid a lot more throughout your journey!! Its less than a Garmin watch :)

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Wow! That is a super great deal! I have not been as lucky as you with my search for a running coach! I guess California is not the state to find a reasonable coach!

Nelly said...

Great info indeed. I've been talking to a coach, and his fees are a little bit higher, but not by much. It could be that CA is just an expensive state overall for all things. If I do end up hiring a coach, I'll let you know what the fees end up being...(most likely my goal is to start working with him next month)

On the Right Track said...

Sounds like you found the bargain in price!!! That's awesome...but more importantly that you're happy with the guidance you recieved and the info along the way!!!

Happy Father's Day...have a great weekend!

Coy Martinez said...

That's not too bad at all! I think I would do it in the off season when I'm not soaked in race fees! I wanna get the lactate threshold test done really bad! I'm kinda curious about what it would say.

Being Robinson said...

that is insanely reasonable. so much more than i was thinking. wow. yep, i'm gonna do this sometime. because awesome!

Terzah said...

That is VERY reasonable! I feel my coach is reasonable, too ($90 a month for someone who coaches Olympians), but the tests such as gait analysis and lactate threshold can really set you back around here. I'm going to try to get insurance to pay for a gait analysis since I'm coming off of being injured, but I'm on my own for the lactate test. You got a great deal, and I think the investment will pay (non-financial) dividends!

On the Right Track said...

Hey Jon...where have you been?

let us know you are ok because we miss you ;)

Half Crazed Runner said...

Just stumbled on to your site. I love my Coach<3. Hope you find greatness (aka, speed) with yours.

Anonymous said...

Those were really reasonable prices!!!!!! I was always afraid to hire someone because of the cost.

Nelly said...

Yea, I like the 405 overall, just wish it was easier to navigate the menus besides the touch screen bezel thing. I guess the only time I have a problem is trying to scroll through my prior activities.

For Penn State - I still think it's a bummer they didn't shut down the program. While the penalties the NCAA imposed are harsh, the program is still playing football next year which is a travesty. Shows the NCAA is indeed gutless to me.

And for people who say that the penalties punish people who didn't have anything to do with what happened - if my boss did some crimes and got in trouble, it would be bad for me as an employee. I might have to get a new job if the business got shut down. So for Penn State coaches and players, they are basically like employees. It's impossible to not avoid collateral damage at that school with the punishments.