Monday, February 20, 2012

Running Blog Database Week One Status

It's been about a week since the Running Blog Database started becoming known outside of my own computer.  Thanks to all the bloggers who have embraced the idea and helped spread the word.  After blogs like Tall Mom on the Run, Mission to a(nother) Marathon, and The Studly Runner, to name a few, featured the database, my web traffic count went wild.  I kinda felt like Mark Zuckerberg in the movie 'The Social Network' after he created "Facemash", except for the part of almost getting expelled from Harvard.  And that little detail of becoming a billionaire afterwards.
Am I distracting?
So far, the feedback I've received has been positive, and the database's exposure has exceeded my expectations.  In the last week the database page has been viewed over 1000 times (pretty hefty numbers by my standards), and over 160 new blogs have been added.  As of this writing, the total number of blogs in the database is 664.  Please forgive me if any of my enthusiasm is coming off as boastful.  I'm fully aware that whatever technical skills I have are mostly offset by my creative writing skills.  I am just an engineer after all. ☺ 

It's been kinda nice to have the database to talk about since I haven't been able to do any running while giving my hip flexor more time to heal.  I've spent quite a bit of time this last week improving the database's code, making corrections to blogger data, adding pictures, reading new blogs, and responding to emails; not to mention checking out the latest worthless shows on A&E like "Parking Wars."

Speaking of Harvard earlier...  I've been fascinated with the story of the undrafted New York Knicks guard and Harvard alumnus, Jeremy Lin.  For those outside of New York who don't know, it's an underdog, rags-to-riches type story featuring the first Chinese-American to play in the NBA.  He came out of nowhere, that is, if you consider Harvard nowhere.  Likewise, if you play basketball for Harvard, you've probably never heard of the NBA either.  It's great Jeremy Lin had the NBA to fall back on since apparently a Harvard Business degree wasn't cutting it for him.

Notes:  I hope to eventually have over 1000 blogs in the database.  Do you think there are at least 1000 running blogs in our universe?  I would still appreciate a mention on your blog if you haven't tagged the database already HERE.  Also, let me know if you find any information that's incorrect or that you need me to add, including pictures.  Thanks.

Have you gotten some good use out of the Running Blog Database yet?  How has it been useful?


Jill said...

And then you have loser friends who don't blog much who haven't promoted your site....but I will soon :). One thing I was wondering if this was doable...I know some blogs I have been reading lately who are strictly ultra runners and or trail running blogs. I wondered how a "specialty" or something like that would work. Not that you need to go and redo all your databases but I think it'd be cool do a search on something like that. Okay, enough of that craziness...I love the database and promise to plug it this week when I get my bi-monthly post out :). I especially love the pictures....I even know now who some of my Facebook friends are ;). Hopefully you'll make your billions soon, just don't forget your little friends out in Colorado freezing to death!

Jill said...

Oh...and sorry to hear the hip flexor is still giving you some fits. Bleh!!

Any thoughts of doing Pikes again? :)

Terzah said...

Thanks for the reminder that I need to mention the database on my blog too--not that it will help much--I'm pretty small potatoes compared to Tall Mom and the Studly Runner (and Jill)--but I'm happy to help get the word out. I'm glad it's gone viral for you!

XLMIC said...

Another small potatoes chick who is happy to give you a'll happen this week :) I have the logo and link in my sidebar already!

It is such a cool idea! And a tremendous amount of work! Thanks so much for putting it together.

How do I add my state (California) to my blog's entry?

Amylee said...

Totally love the database!!! I love being able to search by state. I am planning a post on it this week. (Which, don't get excited- I'm pretty sure I only have about 5 real readers :)). I think that's amazing how quickly you were able to take off with it.

You mentioned on my blog that you like to run hard and you think that's why you end up injured. I AM EXACTLY THE SAME. Not every run is like a race, but I do run at my max a lot. I like it that way- even though it is "bad" for me. Have you read "Run Less, Run Faster" yet? I just finished and have started applying it to my workouts and I have already felt a big difference. Thought I'd pass that along.

Good luck with the hip.

Suz and Allan said...

Sorry about the hip flexor! Hope it gets better.

I'll be sure to feature the running blog database on my blog!

Coy Martinez said...

For some reason when I try to go to the data base from my work computer it wont let me go there because it says it could be filled with malicious ware. Hmmm. I'm gonna try it from my home computer!

I think it's cool you've created it!

If you need help cutting out your hip flexor let me know. I'll be cutting out my IT Band later this afternoon.

Unknown said...

I already found a couple of bloggers close to me thanks to your database. It's such a great tool. Especially for those of us outside of the bloggy hotspots (i.e. Cali). I'm going to post a link to it on my blog too. Thanks for doing all of the work to help us connect with others. I'm not sure if I'm fully expressing how great I think this is, but I love it! Thanks!

AMcConn said...

Another amazing post about your fabuous Blog Database. I love it. Keep the updates coming!!

Lindsay said...

i'm glad it is a hit!! i have been meaning to post about it too. and i know you emailed me about sending you a photo link but i don't think i have stored photo links on blogger??

Survivormama said...

Great idea with the blog database...I just added my blog to the list...yay, thanks so much! It is amazing how many great tips and stories you can find about other runners training just like you. I will add a link back to this site for sure...blessings

my new running blog...