Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sony Walkman Giveaway Winners

Before I go into detail about the giveaway winners, I'll just mention real quick like that I ran in the Dallas White Rock Marathon on Sunday.  My next post will cover the race details, until then, just take note I finished in 3:34:39 which is right around a PR.

Now back to the giveaway.  Thanks to everyone who entered and shared their story.

The first Walkman was awarded based on the best music misfortune tragedy combined with the conveyed  need for a new mp3 player.  There were several deserving runners, but when it came time to single one runner out as being the most needy, most desperate, most worthy, Jill from RunWithJill took the cake.  Jill basically dropped her iPod at the gym (fail), and someone took it before she realized it was gone.  Now she's stuck with an oversized FM radio that won't stay on during workouts and slows her down.

The second Walkman is being given away with a random number drawing.  And the winner is:  Char from My Life's a Marathon.

Congrats to the winners:  Jill and Char!  Merry Christmas from 2 Slow 4 Boston.


misszippy said...

Two deserving ladies!

And I love how you just slide that little fact of "oh I ran a marathon PR on Saturday!" Congrats!!

Jill said...

Hey, that's me! :)

Now I guess I have no more excuses for being slow, huh? Dangit!

Thanks, buddy!!

Char said...

How exciting. Especially for someone who never wins anything.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Two of my favs!! And I can't wait to hear about the marathon!!

Nelly said...

Look forward to the marathon recap too!

And I literally was laughing reading your comment about my stress fracture. Yea, I figured that you would be relieved that I finally decided to stop playing soccer. I probably should have stopped playing a while ago, but I didn't want to stop playing then yet for whatever reason.

And I appreciate that you tell it like it is - sometimes you don't need encouragement but a kick in the pants!